Lindsey Palmer earned her Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography at Point Park University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She was the President of her school's Photography Collective, a teacher's assistant and a Darkroom and Digital Lab apprentice. After Graduation she became and optometric assistant, learning how to pre-test patients, run medical testing including Digital Retinal Imaging, and fit patients for contact lenses. She will begin her Master of Fine Art degree at the Rochester Institute of Technology in August 2017.

Palmer’s work is process and detailed oriented art that intends to highlight social and personal issues within our culture and more specifically within ourselves through digestible bodies of images. Most often she creates film images, printed digitally and physically manipulated, Palmer’s work is image based mixed media that gives visual and conceptual dimension to social discussions. Often her work is multilayered, putting emphasis on the process of creating images, and layering different artistic styles to allow a deeper meaning and multidimensional views of art and the creation of work.