Artist Statement


Minutes, Days, Years, is a body of photographic work presented in an installation format. In this work I seek to rebuild my mother’s memories from the years 2008-2011 which were lost to electro-convulsion therapy. Through this body of work, I use images from my personal archive started in 2008 all of which are reprocessed as cyanotypes on glass, removing a majority of their original content. This allows me to alter their index as traditional photographs and reframe them as representations of a mood or emotion from the time in which they were taken. I am mimicking the reconstruction of my mother’s memory—imperfect, and reliant on others for lost details and moments, but present none the less. I think of my mother’s ECT treatments as ‘deconstructive healing’—this concept is present in the creation of this work, and is important to my understanding of how photography, its history and index can be reworked to construct memory.  

While I Was Sleeping, is an ongoing body of work exploring claiming my memories after heartbreak. Through revisiting and altering my archive, While I Was Sleeping aims to remove undesirable specifics of my relationship, in favor of memories I would still love to have but feel I have lost some claim to.

Defacement is a body of work centered around representation of forced prescribed social construction. Using physical masking of the face, and further masking of the image, participants volunteer to have their face removed, their sight hindered, and their mouths covered in different variations. The defacement of the human form is intended to mimic the defacement of individuality and human identity through the forced hierarchy that the socio-political definition of race gives us.